Getting Around The Murray Princess

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By Isaac Freeman

Visiting a new place can come with many unknowns. How do I get around? Are there lifts I can use? Will stairways have proper railings? This article aims to shed some light on how to get around the Murray Princess and some of the features available to guests who require additional mobility assistance. With this information, we hope you can rest assured there are plenty of facilities and assistance on board so you can enjoy your break and the sensational sights along the magical Murray River.

The Lift On Board

The PS Murray Princess features a lift to make travelling around the vessel as easy and convenient as possible. Lift access is available from the Randell deck (second floor) to the Sturt deck (fourth floor). Move around the vessel easily from your cabin, through to the formal dining room, to the Paddlewheel Lounge.

Our Decks

The PS Murray Princess features five passenger decks – Chaffey, Randell, Cadell, Sturt and the Sun Deck. Take a look at our Deck Plan for more details.

While on board you’ll find that the middle decks (Randell, Cadell and Sturt) are all accessible via the lift and stairs. These areas feature the Outside and Stateroom cabins, social areas such as the dining room, servery for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the bar and Paddlewheel Lounges.

The bottom deck (Chaffey) and the top Sun Deck are only accessible via stairs. If you need to travel to these decks, please let our Crew know if you require support.

Around the vessel, all stairways feature railings to hold onto for safety. The outside passageways of the vessel also have elegant railings which can be used to assist guests, however, still offer enough room to use a wheelchair or walking frame, if required.

Our Cabins

There are three types of cabins available to choose from. Inside Cabins are located on the lower level, Chaffey Deck. These cabins are all accessible via a short flight of stairs, so this should be considered if you are looking to book one of these rooms.

The Outside Cabins and Staterooms are located on the Randell and Cadell Decks. Access via the Randell Deck includes two steps into each room, however, the Cadell Decks do not require any stair access. There are also four cabins on board that cater to guests who require wheelchair access.

Onshore Tours

Guests and crew depart the vessel for onshore tours each day. Disembarking occurs via a gangway that is a suitable width for wheelchair and walking frame use. If you require assistance when disembarking, please let our friendly Crew know so they can provide you with assistance.

Wheelchair Accessibility

For passengers travelling in a wheelchair, there are a number of features on board that make travel on the Murray Princess accessible. There are two Accessibility Cabins on board that can be secured when booking your cruise. These rooms provide more space to move around, continuous level bathrooms, railings and a lowered bed.

Passageways around the vessel have been built to allow space for a wheelchair, and you’ll be able to use the lift to get between floors. There is a wheelchair available for hire, just let our Reservations Team know if you require use of this when booking.

Do you have other accessibility questions or requirements?

Just let our friendly team know when making booking so we can easily accommodate your needs while on board. If you have any questions, give us a call on 1300 729 938 (from within Australia) or by email on [email protected].



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