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The Murray Princess

The Murray Princess is a true inland paddlewheeler built for the Murray River, with a character and charm of yesteryear. It is the largest inland paddlewheeler in the southern hemisphere. Catering for just 120 passengers, she brings the unique advantages of small ship cruising to the remarkable setting of Australia’s outback.

Don't be fooled by most modern-day imitation paddlewheelers where the paddle is often on the side and just for show. The Murray Princess is an authentic paddlewheeler which is propelled by its massive stern wheel. The onboard atmosphere is relaxed and informal by style. The lounge features a majestic view of the paddlewheel in action through the two story vewing window. Upper and lower lounge areas are accessed by the classic brass and mahogany style spiral staircase.

The Murray Princess cruises between Mannum, Murray Bridge and Salter's Station along the Murray River. The wetlands in this area provide essential breeding and feeding habitats for many species of waterbirds, fish, invertebrates and plants, meaning that you'll see the wonderful wildlife in this outback setting.

  • REGISTRY: Mannum, Australia
  • TONNAGE: 1,500 tonnes
  • LENGTH: 67 metres
  • BEAM: 15 metres
  • DRAFT: 1.2 metres
  • SPEED: 6 knots
  • Sun deck
  • Bar and two lounges
  • Single-sitting Dining Room
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Gift shop
  • Library, video and DVD
  • Lift (Randell, Cadell & Sturt Decks only)
  • Guest laundry
  • Mini Gym
  • Tender boat

Our Decks

The Murray Princess has five passengers decks, Sturt, Randell, Cadell, Chaffey named after the Murray River's great pioneers, plus the Sun Deck.

Sun Deck

The Sun Deck is a great area to enjoy the sunlight.

Sun Deck

Sturt Deck

Charles Sturt 1795-1869 One of Australia's great inland explorers, Sturt discovered and charted two major Australian rivers including the Murray River. His expedition also located the Murray mouth in South Australia.

Cadell Deck

Francis Cadell 1822-1879 A Scottish navigator and entrepreneur, Cadell followed in Randell’s wake, by building the the 32 metre paddleboat "Lady Augusta" in Sydney. When completed in 1853, the vessel was sailed to South Australia and entered the Murray River at the river's mouth at Goolwa.

Cadell Deck

Randell Deck

William Randell 1824-1911 Randell was the first man to put a paddleboat on the Murray River. In 1853 he built and sailed the ‘Mary Ann’ from Mannum on its first commercial voyage with 21 tons of cargo. The Mary Ann has been faithfully restored and currently resides at Mannum with Murray Princess.

Chaffey Deck

George Chaffey (1848-1932) and William Chaffey (1856-1926) The Chaffey brothers started the first Australian commercial irrigation scheme in Renmark in 1887. A legacy of the Chaffey influence is the thriving and widespread citrus lands of the Riverland areas of South Australia.


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