Need to know

  • Passenger cabins are located on Chaffey, Randell and Cadell Decks
  • Cadell Deck cabins are most suitable for passengers with limited mobility
  • All cabins open outward, so care must be taken walking around the decks
  • All cabins except the Accessible Outside Cabins have one step up into the bathroom and one step over the shower tray to enter the shower
  • Chaffey Deck inside cabins are only accessible by stairwells and there is no lift access to this deck
  • Randell Deck cabins have one step outside and one step inside to enter the cabin
  • There are no steps into cabins for Chaffey and Cadell Decks

Fitness To Travel

Each passenger warrants that they are physically fit and capable of undertaking the cruise.

A Fitness to Travel Declaration needs to be completed by all passengers at final payment of balance or at least 60 days prior to travel. For bookings made online or within 30 days of travel, the Fitness to Travel Declaration must be completed within 48 hours of booking.

All Passengers: The Company reserves the right to refuse passage to a passenger, or to disembark a passenger, who has failed to give proper notice of physical disability, illness or handicap requiring special care, attention or treatment or who in the Company opinion is physically or mentally unfit for travel. The Company in its sole discretion may require the production of a Doctor’s Certificate in this regard. Please refer to Clause 10.3 of the Terms and Conditions for full details.


Boarding the Murray Princess

Access to Murray Princess whilst at Mannum is via Mary Ann Reserve, across approximately 100 metres of grassed parkland. Boarding is via a gangway onto Randell Deck. The gangway is of suitable width for wheelchair use.

Getting around the Murray Princess

The Murray Princess has five passenger decks. All decks are accessible by stairwells of approximately 10 to 14 steps. A lift services three decks – Randell, Cadell and Sturt Decks.

Public Rooms

The following public rooms are situated on decks with lift access:

  • Dining Room and Bar: Located on Sturt Deck
  • Paddlewheel Lounge: Situated at the stern of the vessel over two levels. The lower lounge is situated on Randell Deck and includes gift shop and café and the upper lounge is situated on Cadell Deck The following public rooms are situated on decks without lift access:
  • Laundry and Gym: Located on Chaffey Deck and are only accessible by stairwells
  • Sun deck: Located on the upper deck and is only accessible by a steep shallow set of stairs

Accessible Cabins

The Murray Princess has four outside cabins (Randell 10 & 11; Cadell 59 & 60) specially designed for wheelchairs. Two cabins feature twin beds and two feature a double bed and a single bed. Please note the images above show one of the accessible cabins.

Special Features:

  • Wheelchair access doors and bathrooms
  • Continuous level bathrooms
  • Telephone contact with 24hr emergency numbers
  • Handrails
  • Hand held shower
  • 2 mirrors in bathroom – one at normal height, one at wheelchair height
  • All cabins have shower chairs and other equipment is available on request
  • Height of beds 60cm from floor to top of mattress to enable passengers to slide off chair onto the bed with no difficulty.

Water Activities and Getting Ashore

The Murray Princess has a tender boat for speedboat rides. Passengers are required to ‘climb’ directly into the tender from the Murray Princess. The deck crew are always on hand to assist and to help passengers with life jackets.

During the course of the cruise Murray Princess stops at a number of riverside locations where passengers can go ashore via the gangway. The steepness of the gangway will vary depending on the location (varying from steep riverbanks to flat historic wharves). The crew are always on hand to assist passengers ashore. The terrain will also vary depending on river conditions. Rough ground, inclines and sand may provide obstacles to those with limited mobility. Wheelchair access for onshore tours may not be possible.

Vessel Layout

Find out more about the layout of the Murray Princess vessel, what is located on each deck and a floorplan.


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