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It's all the little things.

It's watching the world go by, it's the good old-fashioned hospitality, it's the connections you make. It's the breathtaking scenery, the historical and cultural immersion, the gourmet food and wine, the new friendships and the simple chance to unwind and reconnect. We invite you to uncover all the little things that make the Murray Princess an unforgettable experience.

Step aboard the majestic Murray Princess, the southern hemisphere's largest inland paddlewheeler, and begin your timeless adventure.


    It's the variety of cruises

    Choose from a selection of 3, 4 and 7-night cruises, each offering a curated experience that embraces the essence of Australia's heartland and rewards your sense of adventure.

    Hot august night murray princess

    It's all the fun of an event cruise

    From the nostalgic music that takes you back, to the special journeys and holiday celebrations, an event cruise adds something a little extra to your unforgettable cruise on the Murray Princess.

    Watch MP Youtube video

    Discover the allure of the Murray Princess

    Embark on a virtual journey of the Murray Princess by watching our captivating video, showcasing all the little things you will enjoy aboard on your trip.

    Kangaroo Island seals

    Explore More Of Stunning South Australia

    Choose from our 8, 9 or 12 day packages visiting the city of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and finishing up with a 3, 4 or 7 night cruise.

    22 BT Gift Voucher Card

    Explore Australia with a Brilliant Travels Gift Card

    With the Brilliant Gift Card, you can secure your cabin on the Murray Princess and explore Australia with the most trusted Australian travel brands. Purchase your Brilliant Gift Card today.

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    Cruise a river in all its glory

    It’s a truly remarkable time to cruise and experience the river environment post one of the river's greatest natural disasters in known history. The majestic Murray Princess and its passengers have seen the Murray River in all stages of its natural glory over the past four decades.

  • Dining room

    Rollin' on the... Murray River

    I’m holding a Procrastinating Pelican. So is the friend I am travelling with. We’re enormously excited, as are our taste buds that have just been hit by the Kahlua, cherry brandy and dark crème de cacao creation. You see, the Procrastinating Pelican is tonight’s cocktail of the day.

  • Murray princess front shot

    New 3-Night Cruise Itinerary

    The new ‘long-weekend’, three-night, Murray River Restart Cruise travels upriver from the historic port of Mannum discovering historic towns, Australian culture and the food and wine and flora and fauna of the picturesque Murray River.

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